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Welcome to KUNKUN Academy,

Architectural Visualization Training Center for Architect

Let's Communicate Your Architectural Design Easily with ArchViz

Next Class

Intensive Archviz

Masterclass #4 (ID)

ONLINE CLASS -  January 2021

2 Weeks | 3 mentors 

12 Participants | 48 Hours Intensive, 1 Week Mentoring

You will be trained with hands-on experience of KUNKUN Visual. You will learn about our workflow and efficient production process of creating architectural visualization, which is ideal for Architect and will make you stand out as an Architect.

DIGIVIZ Conferences 2019 by KUNKUN Visual

A Week to Stand Out

as an Architect with

Impressive Architectural Visualization!

We are ready to share everything to you! As one of the leading architectural visualization studio in Indonesia, KUNKUN Visual is opening masterclass for architect only, which will upgrade your skill in presentation immensely.

Be stand out  in this achitectural industry and make your client imperssed with your rendering.

You will learn about techniques, composition, and tips tricks to make your architectural project looks stunning, which include:​

  • Professional Rendering knowledge

  • Super Efficient Rendering Workflow for Architect

  • Perfect Materials and Landscaping Elements in 3D

  •  Works on Your Personal Project at the end of the Masterclass, with Professional Mentors, and make stunning visual from your own hand


Client Asks For Rendered Image even tough it is not an Architect's Scope

Rendering Cost Cannot be Ask Saparately to the Client

Client Does not Understand The Image of Your Design

Client Does not Believe

in Your Advice

Missunderstanding in Communicating to the Collaborator

Render Cost is Pricy Especially If You Are a Startup Architect



Be Different and Outstanding Architectural Firm

You will learn to make the stunning Visualization for your design proposal and stand out in the market with your own Architectural Visualization. Make your client impressed and communicate your design better.


Save cost at your project, do it In House, revise at anytime

Imagine that, you must spend 3-6% or more of your project budget for visualization fee for one project. You will spent 3mil – 6 mil for every 100 mil project. And what if you have 3-5 project simultaneously?

How much will you spent just for presentation purpose. And it will cost more if the client had revision.  Why not keep it for yourself or for your team development?

If you attend this class, you will save more and get more!


A Valuable Investment 

in this 4.0 Industry 

The More skill your team have, the more valuable you are. In Fact, client will ask more, and more service from you. Remember that you have your competition in your field.


Rendering is the New Standard for Architect Design Proposal 

In the fact, The client will easily say "Yes" because of the rendering. This is the standard for architect in the future to get more valuable client.


No More Revision Charge


Make your client amazed with your project everytime without extra revision charge. No more extra cost because you can do it in-house perfectly!


Note: Our Classes are not reccomended for 3D artist in Archviz or who want to build an ArchViz Company

Architecture Students


Yes! We hear you!

Our Trainers was an architecture student, so we know your needs specifically. We will help you to improve your architectural communication for your studio. Make your own your stunning portfolio since you are in university.

Self Employed Architect -

Archipreneur and Architecture Studio


We know your needs and your struggle in presentation phase, when you must show a good rendering so your client will understand easier.

No worries, we will guide you to make a good rendering easier than others!


The Trainers



You will be trained by CEO of KUNKUN Visual that has 7 years experience in this industry.

Learn valuable knowledge from KUNKUN Visual Professional 3D artist, learn from zero to hero from the expert. 


Rheza Kun

3D Artist and Posproduction Expert - Kunkun Academy Trainer

Rheza is CEO of KUNKUN Visual and has 7 year experience in this industry. He is Certified Corona User in Indonesia, State of Art Academy Italy, and Brick Academy Alumnee.

CEO of KUNKUN Visual


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Adri Kusuma

3D Artist and Asset Creator Expert - Kunkun Academy Trainer

Adri Kusuma is 3D artist expertise in 3DsMax. He is an interior designer who loves rendering. His passion in detail will lead you to make the stunning visualization.

Adri KUNKUN Visual.jpg


Head Development of KUNKUN Visual


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3D Artist of KUNKUN Visual

Muhamad Arief Rizal

3D Artist and Asset Creator - Kunkun Academy Trainer

Arief is already working as 3D Artist for 3 years. He can share not only in the rendering process, but also can be your fast response advicer!

He loves to share everything about ArchViz.

Asma Arina

3D Artist and Asset Creator Expert - Kunkun Academy Trainer

Arin is our #womaninarchviz. She is a 3D artist expertise in 3DsMax and Corona. She is an Architect who loves rendering. She loves details more than others!


3D Artist  of KUNKUN Visual


It is important to know about our studio culture, our softwares, our workflow, and see dozens of High Quality images produced in a week. The trainers are experts and the lead team in KUNKUN Visual with the title of senior 3D artist. They will teach you, share their knowlage, and give some insight about Architectural Visualization Industry.





Do not hestitate to contact our team! They will help you in Accomodation information, and any question about our Classes.




1st Week of June 2020

Intensive ArchViz Masterclass #1 (ID)


03 August 2020

Intensive ArchViz Masterclass #2 (ID)


October 2020

Intensive ArchViz Masterclass #3 (ID)


January 2021

Intensive ArchViz Masterclass #4 (ID)

12 Seats Available

Book a Seat

What is Intensive ArchViz Masterclass?

The intensive 2 weeks class to upgrade your skills for your architectural career.

We will give you the materials for some projects, environment, tips and tricks about Architectural Visualization. Get more value(s) and be ready to get more client with ArchViz!

What is Students Preparation Class?

The intensive 2 weeks class to upgrade your skills as students. Let's prepare your skill in architectural visualization before you graduate and become an architect.

We will give you all tips and tricks for rendering in any cases, environment, and mindset in how to get client with ArchViz. Get more value(s) before you graduate with us!


What is Interior Rendering Class ?

The intensive 2 weeks class to upgrade your skills in interior rendering. You will learn about lighting and material for your presentation looks more amazing!

This class still coming soon,

Intensive ArchViz Masterclass Gallery

We guarantee you can make the stunning images like these!




Jalan Terjun Tandom no 62, Arcamanik Endah, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia 40293

You will learn in our Headquarter, so you can feel the vibes as 3D Artist. You will learn in our well-equipped office in Bandung, Indonesia. You do not need bring anything because we already prepare them for you! In our Headquarter, you can see how we works and handle the top clients in Indonesia. We handled national and international projects with different scale.

During this Covid 19 Issue, we do all class with Online Class Via ZOOM Meeting

Facility during The Academy

Full Equiped Classroom and Environment

We offer well-equipped workstations, so you do not to worry about the error during the rendering process. Our computer is high in specs with 3D Artist standard. Besides of that, you can see and try our render farm, our Wacom Cintiq, VR Gadgets and Playstation during the free time.  

Our Partners


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Certificate and Recommendation Letter by KUNKUN Academy

After finishing the masterclass successfully and do the stunning personal project exam, you will get a certificate from KUNKUN Academy. It will be certainly boost your career.